The Children and the Bears

Kassidy Schultz

One snowy evening, four children went outside to go play in there backyard that has a trail leading to a forest. The oldest, Jade went outside to check if there was snow on the trail, there was snow, so she asked her dad id she could go sledding with her sister and brothers and he said " that's fine as long as you stick together." She got dressed and helped get her siblings dressed to. She lead them to the trail. Her brother, Zack said " ha you can't catch me," as he slide right on down the trail path. Jade quickly grabbed Andrew and Summer as she slide down to try to catch Zack. After a few seconds Zack went missing. Jade started yelling " Zack, Zack where are you," no sound except for the cry's of her little sister and brother. After a few minutes Jade tried again saying the same thing and still no response. Jade thought " maybe if I keep going I could find him," so she keep going. When Jade was on the sled riding her little brother Andrew said " look Jade there is a house over there," Jade saw a sled in the snow and knew Zack was there. Jade opened the door of the house and said " hello, is anybody in here." There was no sound, but there were four bears, mama bear, papa bear, baby bear, and girly bear. The bears were about to cook him but jade screamed "NO" I took Zack and the others and ran back up to the house. I asked Zack what happened and he said" I was riding along the trail and four bears invited me in for supper, and I said sure! I would love some supper, so I went in a sure enough I found out that I was supper and that's when you came in and said NO." "Thanks for that big sis, I learned my lesson."


Never trust strangers even if they seem nice.