Cyber Bullying

Deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by computer.

Cyber bullying is becoming a huge problem around the U.S.A. Teens from around the U.S.A are facing their worst nightmare. Teens tease and make fun of others on the computer on a daily bases for any reason at all. Teenagers only do this because they feel like they have more power , but in reality they have no power what so ever.

Tips on how to get your kids safe

  • Monitor your kids computer which means know if they have a Facebook, MySpace, or twitter account.

  • If someone sends you a mean text or email just ignore it like you never seen it or got it.

  • Never put personal information online.

  • Do not give out other peoples personal information that you would not want anybody else to know about you.

  • Never open messages from someone you don’t know.

  • Proofread your texts, emails, comments, and posts because none of them have a tone of voice and someone could easily take it the wrong way.