Learn all about Syria

Geography and Government

my country is Syria.The capital of Syria is Damascus.Syria is located in the continent of Asia, it is surrounded by the countries of Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.Syria is a flat dessert plateau, dissected by mountains with a narrow coastal plain that fronts from the the Mediterranean Sea. In the west-central and north the Anti-Lebanon and Tishri mountains dominate the landscape.Omayyad Mosque,National Museum of Damascus,Azem Palace,Great Mosque of Aleppo are some great landmarks where many people go to hang out and look around in Syria.Some major bodies of water are Lake Assad, Tigris River, Oases of Syria, etc. There has been many wars in Syria and the Government is not making it any better, Syria is suffering to find food and their shelter has been destroyed. The environment has been destroyed and they will have to search for food to survive. The Republic has been under military regime since March 1963.The leader of the government is the Present named Bashar al-assad. Foreign powers are quietly deciding who would speak for the Syrian opposition in future peace talks, but Syrian opposition groups want to choose their leaders themselves and have devised a plan to do it.

Economy, Culture, Climate, and History

Syria is a poor nation due to the many wars and the lack of water and food.There currency they use in Syria is Syrian Pound.Syria's main exports are oil, apples, pairs, sheep, goats, raw cotton, etc.the life expectancy is 74.71 years, the birth rate is 22.76 births/1,000 population, the literacy rate is 86.0%, and the drinking water is sea water because Iraq forced them too after the war between them.Clothing in Syria is diverse. Their is an endless variety of kuffyahs, turbans, and head wraps characteristics to Muslims. Syria speaks Arabic.Syria mostly listens to Syriac music and poetry. The main holidays in Syria are New Years Day, Revolution Day, Mother's Day, Easter Day, Independence Day, Labour Day, Orthodox Easter, Martyr's Day, End of Ramadan, etc.Syria's population is approximately 90% Muslim and 10% Christian. Syrian food is Arabic, similar to the Middle East food found elsewhere, especially Jordan and Lebanon. Mezzeh or small starters, which includes hummus (made of chick peas), tabbouleh (a parsley and tomato salad) and maqlubbeh, or steamed rice, topped with grilled sliced eggplant, meat, tomato and pine nuts.Syrians do many things for fun like play ball, make clothing, draw, play games, and pretty much do the same thing we do.The general climate in Syria is dessert scrub; hot, dry, and sunny summers.The average yearly rainfall is about 300-500 mm.The average yearly temperature in Syria ranges around 44*F to 80*F. In 1973 October-Syria and Egypt go to war with Israel but fail to retake the Golan Heights seized during the 1967 Arab-Israel war. Another event that happened is in 2000 June-Assad dies and is succeeded by his son, Bashar.

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