skeletal system


    • The function of the skeletal system is to support,move, protect ,blood cell production,calcium storage and endocrine regulation that enable us to move through our daily lives.
    • The role of a bone is to provide framework ,protect,and help move. The role of ligaments is to connect one bone to another and prevents movements that might damage a joint. The role of muscles is movement of the body and the maintenance of posture and body position . The role of tendons is to work with muscles to move bones .The role of nerves in human movement is to provide the stimulus for muscle movement and co-ordinates sets of antagonistic muscles .
    • Disorder 1 : Osteoporosis A) Is a disease in the skeletal system that occurs particularly in the elderly ,resulting in loss of bone tissue.B)Symptoms are back pain and loss of height or bone fracture.C) Prevalence : is very common more than 3 million U.S cases per year.D) Treatments are rocaltrol ,risedronic acid ,pamidronic acid by injection and Alendronic acid or calcium carbonate.
    • Disorder 2 : Bursitis A) Is a inflammation of the fluid-filled pads that act as cushions at the joints .B) Symptoms are pain in the shoulder ,side part of the body ,arm,elbow,hip,knee,or joint that occur when moving or rest ,swelling of the joints ,limping ,tenderness ,redness and stiffness.C)Prevalence : More than 3 million U.S cases a year.D) Treatments are taking Aleve ,Advil and aspirin .