Great Britain

Zane's dream vacation

Cool facts

I want to go to great Britain. It is in the United Kingdom and I want to go because it is very fancy there. I will get to eat new foods, talk funny, drive cool cars, and ride in double decker buses.

1: The cabbies are super smart.

2: The nannies get paid a lot ( 40,000 USD a year ).

3: Women crime syndicates.

4: Their money is measured in pounds

5: They have the 'Big Ben'

6: They speak differently, yet they speak English

7: They like fish sticks

8: They have small cars

9: They have cool animals

10: They have fast trains

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It will take me 13 hrs. 18 min. It is 4,727 miles away. I will take my mom, dad, and brother. I will go by airplane and I will stay 2 weeks.


I will stay at the Bodysgallen Hall and Spa. It is $552 per person for 6 nights. $6624 for my family for the two weeks. This will includes a free breakfast. I will need to pack a basketball and a football along with my bathroom stuff, and clothes.

Total cost

I will spend $6,624 on the hotel. I will have a total of $1,000 in spending money and I will spend $2,000 on food. It will cost $ 6,700 for the plane ride. I will also need to rent a car for $538 a week, for 2 weeks. Gas will run about $2000 for all the sight seeing we will do. This total comes to $19,400.


Hot Air balloon ride

Rock Climbing - rafting trips

Coasteering - Where one jumps off of cliffs

Mountain biking

One could hike the entire coast in 80 days