LC Manama12.13 GCPs

Successes Stories of Term 12.13

Colors of Bahrain Project

Colors of Bahrain was a unique project created by one of our interns , it started last term as a cultural project that aims to enhance the image of Bahrain outside and bringing back the Bahraini culture to the kids in Bahrain.

Traditional workshops were inducted in schools then the OC Team were collecting drawings about Bahrain to create the biggest Bahrain map.

After the success in Cycle1 the project will be done again this term as a summer project in a bigger scale, keeping the same vision but different activities like;

Bringing interns to visit all the tourist places in Bahrain , create a website or a blog to write about those places and promote them in the network.

Interns will be taking free photography and Arabic classes to use in the project activities.

Interns will start an online campaign to promote tourism in Bahrain and also promote the Bahraini culture.

Closing the project with a huge global village , interns will be able to share their culture.