Woman King Project

Pre AP English II


Gale Cengage:

  • Select all databases and type your search term at the top. Click on the title if you are interested, and the tools (for citing, printing and saving) appear on the left.

World Book Online:

  • Click “World Book Advanced” and enter your search terms. The information is short and to-the-point, and the citation information can be found using the link on the left-hand side.

Britannica Online:

  • Click on High School and enter your search terms. The citation information can be found at the bottom of the articles.


  • After choosing Lone Star High School, you can search all databases. Click the blue topic break-down links above the search box to retrieve your results. Notice that the articles and images contain MLA citation information at the bottom.


  • Try using broad search first and then get more specific. Click “full text” before you search to save some time. Notice the MLA citations found at the bottom of all the articles.


  • Choose Student Research Center and then deselect everything except “biography”. Type in your name and click search. Choose the full text version of the article. Cite tool is at the top. Choose MLA citation when printing.

Print Materials

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Use the website evaluation checklist to establish credibility.

Presentation Ideas

If you get done researching early, and would like to explore creative presentation ideas, click here.