Fight Against The World

Jackie Robinson's perserverence


Jackie Robinson faced many forms of abuse in his time playing in the majors. He persevered through adversity and continued to try and make a change.


Quote 1: “Here’s a guy who is a contender, a competititor(293).”

This is important to Jackie Robinsons perseverance because Rickey chose him out of everyone else. He knew that Robinson would never back down from a challenge.

“Im looking for a ball player with the guts not to fight back(294)”

This important because Jackie Robinson would have to preserve through all the abuse he would face.


The First paragraph of pg 289 is about how Mr.Rickey had a black athlete and he wasn’t accepted into the hotel they were staying at. At this moment Rickey wanted to make a change because the poor athlete was excluded from the group.

The last paragraph of pg 293 was about how Rickey was telling Robinson how he was dedicated to the plan but everything would change and this had caught Robinsons attention and he began to get a deeper understanding in the plan.

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This is Robinson being abused by these fellow ball players and having the guts not to fight back and to stay calm.

Robison, Jackie. "The Noble Experiment." Comp. Alfred Duckett. The Language of Literature. Vol. 7. Evanston: McDougal Littell, 2002. 288-95. Print.

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