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South East Junior High

Chromebook Set Up

We are excited to get this year started - strange as it may be! Here are a few things to help you get ready!

  • Don't have a Chromebook? September 2nd, families will be able to pick up their Chromebook between 5-7pm. Students with last names A-K between 5-6pm and last names L-Z between 6-7pm.
  • Have a Chromebook but it needs to be fixed? Please contact the Help Desk right away to get it fixed before school starts.
  • Forgot your password? Contact the Help Desk or Ms. Sims to get it reset.
  • Get your bookmarks and extensions ready to go! Here is a list of some must-haves: (the video below shows you how!)
SEJH Chromebook Supply List: Bookmarks & Extensions

Get to know Canvas!

This year, every single teacher in every single class will have a Canvas course where you will find information about your classes, your work, and your assignments. If you have used Google Classroom before, it's a bit like that. Watch the video below to see how to get to Canvas, bookmark it, and start exploring!
Canvas Intro for SEJH Students 2020

Can my parents see my Canvas courses?

Yes! Your family can help you keep track of your work by becoming an "observer" on Canvas. This presentation has step-by-step instructions. The student has to find a code in their account and give that to the parents, so be ready to help!

What is Securly?

Securly is a web-filtering service that is automatically installed on your Chromebook - it blocks inappropriate websites and keeps track of what you do on your school Google account. This is required by law since you are a kid, and we are giving you school accounts and device. Securly will be working anytime you are using your school account - even if you are at home or using your own Wifi.

Parents and school administrators can check your online activity (if they have a reason to), and whichever parent's email is listed first in PowerSchool will get weekly updates. Learn more about the Parent Portal here.

Parent Portal by Securly


PowerSchool is where you will see your class schedule and where teachers will enter your grades and attendance. If you don't have your login information, you can contact the guidance office.

If you would like to download the PowerSchool app on your phone or tablet, you will need this code: RTKH.

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