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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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Pre-Survey Information - Grades 6-12 Learning Model Schedule

The following information is intended to provide families with details about secondary school learning models. Follow-up communication with the direct survey link will be shared the evening of November 4 between 5 and 7 p.m. as described below.

Secondary Schools Planned Reopening Date: January 5, 2021

*Contingent upon Riverside County returning to the red tier.

Our teams have been working tirelessly to develop grades 6-12 on-campus and online learning models. While this has taken more time than originally anticipated, we have utilized this time to collaborate with teachers and administrators to develop models that provide the least disruptive learning environment while complying with state and county COVID-19 requirements, student supports and allows for a streamlined transition when TVUSD is allowed to return to full-time, on-campus learning.

Below are the schedules for middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12). The schedules below will be for both the ONLINE Only and ON-CAMPUS models beginning January 5, 2021.

  • Regardless of whether a student enrolls in the Online Only or Cohort model, efforts will be made to keep all students with the same courses and teachers in which they were enrolled during Semester I.
  • Online Only students will attend school virtually, five days a week.
  • On-Campus students will attend school in-person two days a week (Cohort A or Cohort B), and virtually three days a week.
  • On-Campus students will be placed in Cohort A or B alphabetically by the last name to allow families to remain in the same cohort.
  • Monday will remain an asynchronous day for all students that includes a synchronous homeroom.

Middle School Schedule (Grades 6-8)

*Exceptions: BVMS and MMS will have slightly different start/end and period schedules.
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High School Schedule (Grades 9-12)

*Exceptions: Sparkman Alternative Campus (RVHS, Susan Nelson, Excelsior, and Temecula Advantage Virtual School) due to the differences in their programs and models.
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Live Streaming/Video Conferencing

  • Teachers will utilize District provided live streaming/video conferencing tools to broadcast instruction to their cohort and online model students learning at home.

  • Some Physical Education, VAPA, and CTE courses may utilize asynchronous lessons at times as appropriate in lieu of video conferencing/live streaming services when students are learning from home.

  • Students in a cohort not physically at school will be learning synchronously from home through live streaming/video conferencing tools (Zoom).
  • These tools provide students a window into the physical classroom so they can access the day’s lesson.

  • Teachers can use their share screen feature to broadcast lesson visuals (notes, graphics, slide decks) to students.

  • Teachers can use their web camera.


Virtual Intervention

  • All students (Cohort A/B and Online) will access intervention virtually.

  • Intervention hubs will be available for students who need to wait for district transportation, participate in after school sports, or who may be experiencing connectivity issues that do not allow them access to virtual intervention.

    • A hub will be comprised of a supervised group of students who will use their devices to complete homework or participate in virtual intervention with their teachers.

  • Teachers will remain on campus in order to implement an intervention that may include:

    • Small group instruction

    • Targeted intervention

    • Office hours

    • Assessment needs

  • Attendance will not be taken in intervention time.

  • Individual sites will discuss how to best structure the intervention block for the three periods that met that day.


How Do Families Select Their Grade 6-12 Student's Learning Model?

Beginning the evening of Wednesday, November 4, 2020, a one-question survey for families to confirm their child's learning model choice of remaining Online or transitioning to the On-Campus model for the remainder of the 2020/21 school year will be emailed to all TVUSD Grade 6-12 families. Responses will be due on Monday, November 9 at 8:00 p.m. Families who do not complete a survey by the deadline will have their child enrolled in the on-campus model by default.


Who Will Receive the Survey Link?

An individual survey link tied directly to your student's information will be sent to the parent/guardian listed as the "primary" in the student's Infinite Campus Portal. Parents determined who is designated as the primary contact for their students during the registration process. If you are a dual household, parents are requested to consult with each other about your survey preference to avoid duplicates.

PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD OR SHARE THE INDIVIDUAL LINK YOU RECEIVE. The link is specific to your child, your family, and your email address. Please do not share or forward it to your friends as it will not work for them. They are not a universal public link and instead are tied directly to your child so that you, as the parent, do not have to worry about entering your student's identifiable information because it is preloaded on the form, but you will not actually see it.


Survey Assistance - HELP

If your family does not receive a survey link by email on Wednesday, November 4 by 7:00 p.m., to your primary parent of record, as identified in your student's Infinite Campus Portal, here are a few tips and resources.

  1. Confirm in Infinite Campus that you are listed as your child's primary parent/guardian of record.
  2. Confirm that your email is correct in your parent portal.
  3. If your email is GMAIL or HOTMAIL, the survey may have been routed to the email provider's predefined advertising or social inboxes in your account, and not to your primary inbox. Check those boxes.

If none of the above has occurred, please submit a help ticket by clicking on your school button on the following link - CLICK HERE FOR SURVEY HELP


TVUSD's Reopening Plan

Please make sure you have reviewed TVUSD’s Reopening Plan before making your model selection so that you are familiar with the health and safety protocols that will be in place for on-campus learning. If you need to review, please click the following link


All Information is available on TVUSD's 2020/21 School Year Website

Temecula Valley Unified School District

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