Leonardo da Vinci

His work with the Mona Lisa

Biography of Leonardo da Vinci

Birth and Childhood

Leonardo da Vinci ( born Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci) was born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy.

Leonardo da Vinci grew up as a "spoiled child". His mind was often curious and grew easily of boredom when playing with a toy or activity which would be a trait that would continue throughout his art career by working on a project that wouldn't even be brought to conclusion. An example would be Leonardo's Horse.

Education and Training

Leonardo da Vinci's training took place in his dad's friend's, Verrocchio, workshop. There, he studied with Verrocchio for several years learning the fundamentals of painting and sculpting.

Leonardo da Vinci's Styles of Art

Leonardo da Vinci's art styles he studied and exceeded in were paintings, sculptures, and inventions. A couple pieces of his work were the Mona Lisa and the First parachute.

A Place he Preferred

Leonardo da Vinci spent most of his life and art career in Milan Italy where he lived there for a total of 22 years. ( From 1482-1499, and 1508-1513). He also lived in other places to continue his work like in Florence, Italy or Paris, France.

Patrons and Sponsors

Leonardo had many friends and enemies. People either loved him or despited his fame and glory. His closest people to him were his Patrons. Those were his family friends that have always been close to him, L'orenzo de' Medici and Guiliano de' Medici. These people also owned a lot of power within their life.

Renaissance ism's

The two ism's that inspired Leonardo's work would be Humanism and Idealism. This because it really brought up the idea of people being the center of attention and reconstruction of the Human mind during the Renaissance. He also inspired new ideas to emerge not just from him, but from other people too for future generations and the one present during his life.

The Mona Lisa

The birth of a Masterpiece

The name of the piece is the Mona Lisa. It was created from 1503-1506.

Home of The Mona Lisa

After several attempts to steal and vandalise the famous piece of art work, The Mona Lisa is currently kept at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France securely behind glass.

What The Mona Lisa Means to Me

The Mona Lisa is basically a portrait of a beautiful woman with nature which to me, represents peace and serenity between human life and nature.

The Significants of This Piece

The thing that was so significant about this piece was that it used a lot of darker shades yet it still brought out out a lighter shade towards the Mona Lisa that perfected a peaceful environment.

Why I Find This Piece Interesting

I find this piece of artwork interesting because it really brings out a vibe of Humanism within the painting of the woman and the back round art

Mona Lisa Ism

The ism that is closely linked to this piece of art is humanism because it shows Mona Lisa in the center of the painting which represents how humans were the center of the universe and life during the Renaissance


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