6th, 7th & 8th Social Studies

May 23rd - May 27th

6th Grade (World History)

Students completed their study of the Middle Ages Ages in Western Europe and were tested on chapter 14 on Wednesday. They continue to work on their Medieval projects, which focus on one aspect of life during this period, and are making a physical replica or creating an on-line simulation to help bring it to life. They must also write 1-2 page paper (or an alternative writing assignment with my permission) analyzing their topic. Students have been given guided questions for their topic, which can be found on my website. Projects are due on Tuesday, May 31st.

7th Grade (US History I)

Seventh graders were assessed on either the "Age of Reform" (Chapter 12) or "Westward Expansion" (chapter 13) at the end of the week. Students are also working a on a project that reflects one aspect of life during the 19th century that is covered in either chapter. They must create a physical replica and write a short paper. The project is due on Wednesday, June 1st.

8th Grade (Civics and Independent Study)

Eighth Graders worked very hard and completed their study of Civics, finishing the week with the 'dreaded' Constitution Test!

They are a special group, not only as students, but as people, and it has been a pleasure teaching them, getting to know them and seeing them grow. I have no doubt they will be very successful in high school (and beyond) and my door is always open if they ever need anything. I will miss them!