Juliet Capulet


Good Day, I am fair Juliet of the house Capulet. I don't really think much about love, but I'd rather find my own suitor than have father do it for me. I am 13 years old, and feel that is a young age to be looking for love. I am under careful watch of my nurse, also my cousin Tybalt is quite the hot head. Just a simple precaution. Now here are a couple of lists of things I like.
What I like in a suitor

  • Brown eyes
  • Brown hair
  • kindness
  • compassion
  • full dedication
What my father would disapprove of

  • Anyone from the Montague household
  • Any sort of pauper
  • Criminal
  • Anyone disobedient to his orders

What I like in a relationship

  • Being romantic
  • Meeting in Secret
  • Late Night rendezvous
  • Non arranged marriage

I lead a simply ordinary life style. The only semi-exciting thing in Verona is the feud with the Montagues. I hear that they have a handsome son who is friends with the Prince Escalus' cousin. That's what I call suitor, someone with connections. To bad my father would disapprove, so I'll have to settle for one you gents. P.S. You may have to impress my father, because he has a suitor already picked out.