Jewelry In Candles Affiliates


We are looking for select professional affiliates who are eager and serious about making money and having fun while they are doing it!

  • Looking for a solid company who is growing not downsizing?
  • Are you sick of companies that make promises that they don’t keep?
  • Are you looking for a product that practically sells itself?
  • No monthly fees, NO AUTO SHIPS, and your very own e-commerce website!

Personalized eCommerce Store expands your sales opportunity.
Earn 30% total commissions from your sales and downline sales.
Run your business the way you want.

Automated sales, shipping, payments & commissions.
Customer orders ship directly to the customer saving you time and money.
Detailed notification every time you make a sale.
Monitor your sales and commissions in real-time & get paid bi-weekly.
Participate in company sales challenges and get rewarded for sales milestones.
Access to "back office" a secure section only available to representatives. The back office contains sales tracking, real-time commissions and more!!!

Jewelry In Candle Affiliates

Call us today and see if you qualify to become a representative.


Here's what some of our reps are saying.

"I am 70 years old and I just got a $4000 commission check. I am retired and I never had this much fun when I worked" Roberta Austin, Texas

"I love how easy it is! I am a College student and I was able to concentrate on school and make money. I didn't believe it until I started". Jen Miami, Florida

"I bought my first candle and I was hooked...I wanted to SELL this product. I have had online businesses before that never delivered. This is really different." Debbie Cape May, NJ

Call within the next 72 hours and mention code "3583" and get a surprise bonus!

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