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About Me

My name is Margarita Murillo, I am 16 years old, and I am a Sophomore. I am a very quiet, goofy, weird, nice, motherly like person.

I don't play sports, I don't sing, I dance but I'm not a perfect dancer.

What I Love to do is Makeup, on anybody and me. Its just something I've always been fond of.

Another thing I do is Modeling. I am a Model, I model for Lucrecia Fashion. I have been modeling since I was 14. And I model Quinceanera Dresses (they are just big, poofy dresses)

This Is What I Like to do In My Spare Time

First Video *Excited*

Something I will never change my mind about

That will have to be how I feel about my self. Because I used to care about what people said about me, now I don't. I have no interest in what people think about me.

Future Goals

My Future Goals are to be able to graduate from College/University.

Not have to depend on anybody to help me get through everything.

But most of all is to be able to know I Made My Mom Proud.

" If I Don't Like It, Then Its Not For Me "