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Anastasia/Ottoman Empire

Anastasia Romanov

Anastasia was a Grand duchess during the Russian Revolution in the early 1900's. Born on June 18, 1901 to parents Queen Alexandra and Tsar Nicolas, near Saint Petersberg Russia, she had four siblings which included the grand duchess Olga, the grand duchess Titania, the grand duchess Maria, and the crown prince Alexi (The youngest of the siblings).

The Exucution of the Romanov Family

Fleming(The author of my book) explains that, Tsar Nicholas(The ruler of The Russian federation) and his family were placed under house arrest after Nicholas had been abdicated in March of 1917 for not effectively controlling the Russian protest that had been going on for a while. The Reason for the riots and the anger against the royal family were for a many different spread of reasons. One reason being that four out of five Russians were peasants and the only "upper class" citizens were the Government and the royal family. On a late summer night on July 17 1918, The family had been awaken,and told there was was violence in Yekaterinburg(The city the romanovs lived in).The royal family, children and all were sent to the basement of the house. Earlier that night the Communist boshliviks party had sentenced the royal family to death, including Anasatsia and Alexi. The Romanovs were then told they were going to take a picture, but soon after boslivik soldiers Burst through the door shot the whole family, Those who survived the gunshot were stabbed with bayonets. After the Romonov Exicution many conspiracy theories broke out about what happened that night. Some believe that Anastasia escaped and survived, and many people all over the world have claimed to be Anastasia( All of them being fake).
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The Ottoman Empire

What role did the Ottoman Empire play in World War One?

On August 2, 1914 the Ottoman Empire joined World War One as a central power(the bad guys). The leader of the Ottoman Empire(Sultan Mehamed the fifth) declared jihad(Holy Way) on the Allied powers which included Russia,Britian,France,Serbia,America,and motenegrow. Mehamed also told Muslims all over the world to join together and fight against the allied powers with the Ottoman Empire.

Locations that the Ottoman Empire covered.

The Ottoman covered many modern-day countries, some in Europe, some in North Africa, some In Some in central and Eastern Asia. The countries the Empire occupied were Hungary, The balkin peninsula, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Syria, palsestine, Egypt, Transylvania, Walachia, Moldavia, The republic of Crimea, Tripoli, Tunis, The Algiers, and parts of Western Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The Resoning the Ottoman Empire Joined World War One

One main reason the Ottoman Empire joined the first major world war, was because there strong alliance with the German empire, Also to keep there lands they had conquered through out there long rien as a powerful Empire.