I'm Down

By Mishna Wolff

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Author's Purpose

In "I'm Down," Wolff's purpose is to describe her childhood and upbringing and show how life in the ghetto is not the best life at all. "Jamal welcomed me with a "skitch" to the back of the head" Wolff 28. She described her life with her Dad, since her Mother and him were divorced, and described incidents from him being unfair to her, "She's punished, right Dad?".. "Nah I think she learned her lesson" Wolff 72, to his player lifestyle "On Wednesday night Anora and I got ready for dinner at Dominique's house and Dad put us in our gold chains that we were allowed only to wear to church" Wolff 78. Wolff also described her friendship with many rich kids, since she went to a school full of them, and what it was like for her to do stuff they did, "The summer after my fourteenth birthday I spent with a family in France" Wolff 209.

Synopsis of "I'm Down"

Mishna Wolff is a girl who is forced to grow up in two separate households after the divorce of her parents, one in a nice part of town, and the other not so much. Wolff ends up living with her Father and sister, Anora, in the ghetto. Throughout her younger years, Mishna learns to thicken up after getting fed up with the other children bullying her. After her first few years in school her mother enrolls her in a “smart kid” school, where she is thrown into a whole new world. These kids are rich, have horses, and go to Europe regularly. Mishna also is going through her father’s player lifestyle and meeting new girlfriends all the time. He ends up marrying one of them, Yvonne, who has two other children to add to the bunch. Yvonne brings pressure on Mishna to be more of a woman, and to get a job to help support the family. Mishna is a people pleaser, and after having about as much as she can take moves back in with her mother where she gets closer to her friends from school. Throughout the years Mishna has done track, basketball, and orchestra but her favorite thing was swimming. Her and her sister were naturals, and in the end, Wolff regains her bond with her father with a swimming trip.