3 Influential Chinese Inventions

By Calli Genest


I chose disease prevention for one of my inventions. I chose this invention because if the Chinese hadn't come with inoculations we may have never come up vaccines for smallpox or the flu today. Another reason I chose disease prevention was because if the monk who suggested to steam the clothes of the sick person hadn't suggested it doctors and surgeons today might not boil medical instruments to kill germs.


I chose gunpowder for my second invention. I chose this invention because I find it very useful and interesting how many uses it had back then and now for example the flame thrower hand grenades, and fireworks.One other reason I chose gunpowder was because we might not have won certain wars if gunpowder hand't been invented, for example no guns without gunpowder, and many other weapons.

Mechanical Clock

My third choice was the mechanical clock. I chose this invention because I find it very important today and in our past.Maybe if we hadn't created the mechanical clock we might have never created the digital clock.The other reason I chose the mechanical clock was it was a big improvement from the sundials, and it was more precise.