Weekly Newsletter

See you in 2016

I can't believe it the last day of this semester! This has been such a great start!

I can still remember that first week of school where everything seemed so new and scary for them. We have come a long way since then, and now I can almost see them growing day by day!

Without a doubt this is a magnificent group of kids. We love having them in our classroom and feel so lucky to lucky to be given the opportunity to teach them and learn from them.

From the Pk Team we wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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Holiday Celebration

Wednesday was a fun day! I hope you enjoyed our presentation and our party. We were practicing since last week and they all really loved the songs. Thank you again for your collaboration. The food was wonderful!

Here are some pictures of this special day.

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Polar Express Pajama Party

All comfy and nice we gathered with PK 3.3 and watched The Polar Express. Popcorn and Hot Chocolate were our snack of choice.

Each child received a ticket and a bag of popcorn at the entrance.

When we returned, we had a surprise left for us in our classroom. One of Santa's Elves left jingle bells for each with a special note.

Fun in our Classroom


  • Holiday Break Starts Today!
  • Wednesday, January 13th --> First Day of Second Semester