Elvis Presley Informative

By Spencer Price

Why was Elvis really called The King of Rock and Roll back then, and now?

Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock (Music Video)

"Ambition is a dream with a V8 Engine"


How he started his music career

In 1948 Elvis moved to Memphis Tennessee with his parents and graduated from high school in 1953. Elvis had worked on his music so much that he went from an A student to a C student because of his craze of working on music. When he was 11 he got his first guitar which started it all but his singing he found out was better than his playing of the guitar so he started to work a lot on his voice. He started singing at parties and to small crowds and churches because he loved gospel music and eventually the Local Sun studio offered him his first record. After that he became popular, FAST. All this is how the king of rock and roll started.


Songs and awards and albums

Like I said above his top three songs were...

-Jailhouse rock

-Love me tender

-Suspicious Minds

His best and most popular albums are...

-Elvis Christmas Album 1957

-Elvis Presley 1956

-Elvis Golden records 1958

He had 8 different awards such as...

-Grammy Lifetime Achievement

-American Music Award of Merit

-NME Award For World Male

Those are just three of his 8 different award he had also many more of the same ones.

He was given quite a lot of rewards over his life along with nick names such as his most popular The King of Rock and Roll and The king and Elvis the Pelvis

Extra facts

-He was born January 8, 1935 and he died August 16, 1977

-He lived 42 years

-He died from a sudden heart attack

-He lived in Tupleo for a while but later moved to Memphis Tennessee for high school and also died there.

-He had married Priscilla Presley May first 1967 when he was 32 and she was 22 they had one child together in 1968, Lisa Marie Presley, she is now 47 and Elvis's wife is currently 70. He now has 4 grandchildren, Riley, Finley, Harper, and Ben.

-If he was still alive he would be 80

-He was known as the King of Rock and Roll

Why people liked his music

Elvis took music to a new level he used songs that people think were sung by an African person and mixed it with Rock and Roll which people really liked because his tunes were fast and had a good beat sung by a good voice. People also really enjoyed his dancing it was a funky and jumpy type of dance. Elvis themed in many movies such as Blue Hawaii and Viva la Vegas those were two of his most popular. Elvis really took Rock and Roll to the next level thats why he still is called the King of Rock and Roll.


Elvis over his lifetime made many accomplishments and goals even though he is dead he still in a way lives through his music and even costumes. He was one of the best rock and roll singers of all time and still is and always will be.


His house

It's in Memphis Tennessee and It's the same house he lived and died in but not the same house he was born in.


Elvis Presley - My Happiness (Elvis' first recording)