By: Mae Artang

Everything around you is moving fast or slow, big or small. Slow time you can see the world the same way a pigeon does,people moving in slow motion and the television screen just a series of flickering images. Speed time up, you can see a daisy grow with grace and a tree age by the day. Shrink down to the size of a cell and watch another world play out in front of you filled with microscopic life that live in one strand of your hair. Grow and see the cities turn to dots beneath your feet and the mountains turn to foothills. Touch the sky and see life play out beneath you so fragile that with one step you could end a civilization. Take time in your life to stop and observe, observe the flowers struggling out of the ground. Observe the birds chasing each other fast enough that you could never catch them, observe a water droplet that carries the life of billions of organisms .Life, big or small, moves fast or slow and, creates beauty for the world.
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When you stop and look around nature accomplishes the impossible
Blooming flowers, Amazing nature!

Blooming flowers, Amazing nature

The secret life of a flower is something we rarely pay attention to . Even as they grow with grace and beauty. The process is slow and we do not have the patience to watch. One way that we can is by a time lapse, watch as these flowers open and curl their leaves into blooms and blossoms


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