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Family issues

Dear Zaire:

I am having trouble dealing with my family. My wife and I typically don't speak to each-other, and I have done a unthinkably horrible thing to my daughter more than one, and I have a serious drinking problems. My daughter is being ignored and looked down on, and held out of school for something i did to her. Help!!!


re: Family issues

Thank you for writing me Cholly. For starters I would try to limit your drinking habits so you won't foolishly make a mistake that could have easily been avoided.You should also try to find the reason why you and your wife are growing apart. Is it something you did? Is it something you can fix?

It sounds like you daughter needs help, so instead of feeling sorry for yourself and avoiding your problems you should talk to your family about whit it is you have done. You should tell your daughter that what you did was wrong. You should also help her build up her self confidence. If you put in the effort I'm sure everything would be just fine. :)

Mr. Tutt