The Newsletter for SUHSD Teacher Induction

October 2017

It's the Second Quarter of the 2017-18 School Year!

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Our Goal: Effective/Quality First Instruction

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SUHSD Teacher Induction links beginning teachers with experienced colleagues to ensure student success

As of this month, our program serves a growing number of participants:
  • 248 Induction Candidates in all content areas at nearly all SUHSD school sites
  • 67 Induction Mentors representing all content areas at nearly all sites
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What is "Mentoring" in the SUHSD?

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How do SUHSD Induction Mentors spend their time with Candidates?

Collaboration around the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) drives Mentor-Candidate interaction during the first quarter of the 2017-18 school year.
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Does Teacher Induction Reduce Turnover?

The number of postings for credentialed teaching positions in the SUHSD has declined significantly since 2015. According to the CDE, overall enrollment in the district declined 380 students in the past two years, which does not provide sufficient basis for the reduction in postings.

The mission of the SUHSD Teacher Induction program is to retain and grow the best teachers possible. It appears we are moving in the right direction.

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A key element of Effective First Instruction is pursuit of mastery. This begins with very clear expectations and purpose for each lesson.

Do students understand expectations for learning within a specific time frame?

Does DLT include expected EVIDENCE of student learning? How will learning be made visible?

Not all goal statements look the same! They are time-bound and specific to purpose.

Daily goals are connected to activities and assessments throughout the lesson.


Students apply variety of technology to learning tasks


Literacy strategies support implementation of ELD Standards

Structured Social Interaction (SSI) develops disciplinary literacy

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Q1 Candidate Seminar: September 11 & 12

Candidates and Mentors gather to consider relationships among safety, positive classroom climate and learning.

See presentation slides linked here.

Q2 Mentor Workshop: October 23 & 24

Mentors will consider evidence of Effective First Instruction and problem-solve while planning support for Candidates in preparation for the Semester 1 Round Tables on December 11 (ELH) and 12 (SYH).

See presentation slides linked here.

Q2 Candidate Workshop: November 13 (ELH) and November 14 (SYH)

Candidates attend ONE of these workshops. Each begins at 4 p.m. and ends at 6.

Please note changes to locations of selected Semester 2 Induction events!

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Congratulations to Induction program participants who led sessions on October 3rd!

Current and former SUHSD Teacher Induction participant presenters included Maylén Rafuls, Mimi Williams, Aly Martinez, Omar Polanco, Angel Prado, Jesus Silva Ibarra, Erin Parker, Taffy Tom, Yolanda Sherard, Sean Tessada, Courtney James, Mirka Sanchez and Christian Moreno. Awesome teacher leadership in the SUHSD!


Sibme offers platform for teacher collaboration around classroom videos for a focus on Quality/Effective First Instruction

Classroom teachers control what they post and share with others; custom "tags" support focused reflection and feedback.

Year Two Induction candidates and mentors will engage in collaboration around "snapshot" videos once each semester.

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California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs)

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