2nd Grade Bengal Bulletin

Week of February 26th - March 2nd

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Living Museum Is HERE!

The Living Museum presentation will be in the school’s gym and cafeteria area. You are invited to join our 2nd graders as they present their historical figures on Thursday, March 1st from 6:00 – 6:45 P.M. Please have your child come dressed in his/her costume by 6:00 P.M. They will meet in their classrooms. Teachers will walk classes down when the museum opens at 6:15 P.M.

Students MUST have their speech memorized by this Monday, Feb. 26. Speeches will come home today, Feb. 23rd, in your child’s take home folder. Students are also responsible for creating a simple costume to represent their historical figure. It is not necessary to spend money buying a costume or having one made. Use items from home or borrow from friends and family.

Students will also be presenting during the school day for 1st grade. Please check the chart below for their day.

Thursday March 1st: ROSS, ELROD, KILPATRICK


On the day your child presents during the school day, please send your child in costume. Students can bring a change of clothes for after the performance.

Thank you so much for your help with this exciting project! The students are going to do great!

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Read, Deed, Run will be holding a Toy Drive for Texas Children’s Hospital. We will begin the drive February 26th and will collect toys until March 9th. TCH has requested that the toys be brand new and do not accept toys that have been used. Students can drop off their donated toys in their grade level collaborative area. Thank you so much for supporting Read, Deed, Run and Texas Children’s Hospital.

Click HERE for guidelines and a list of items Texas Children's Hospital is needing. We will not be turning this into a grade level competition. This is a simple opportunity for students to experience charity and giving.

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We will continue our study of characters this week as we look at how their feelings change over time. We will compare settings and plots from book to book within the same series, and also compare how to the characters act between books in the same series. At the end of the week, we will end with looking at what to do when our main characters act out of character. Why are they doing that? What happened to make them act that way?
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We will return to our Fairy Tales as we edit, revise, fix up, and fancy them to get ready to publish them the week after.

We will have a HIGH FREQUENCY WRITING checkup this week on FRIDAY. Students are expected to be able to spell the words with an asterisk next to them from the 3rd grading period. They will then need to create a self-generated sentence complete with capitalization and punctuation using each word.

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We will continue with Subject/Verb agreement this week, and will assess NEXT week before Spring Break.
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We will be moving on to the next sort this week, and will have an assessment NEXT week, It will only be over 1 sort this time.

Students are expected to practice spelling these words at home in addition to the activities we do here at school. Practice makes PERMANENT!

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Next week, we will be working on our numeracy to 1200 unit. The students have been exposed to this unit prior in the numeracy to 199, numeracy to 599 and numeracy to 999 units. We will continue to build on those units by adding larger numbers up to 1,200. However, this may be the students' first exposure to thousands.
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In Science next week, we will continue our water cycle unit. The students have experienced precipitation, condensation and evaporation through lots of hand on experiences and experiments.
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We will present our speeches to our class this week in preparation for the Living Museum on Thursday. We will talk about proper etiquette when someone is "performing," and we will draw a picture of their person to present at our Living Museum.
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