The Baptism of Jesus

By Bridget

key info

Matthew 3.13 to 3.17
Luke 3.21 to 3.22
In Matthew he wrote for Jews who have converted to Christianity whereas In Luke he wrote to Gentiles so in Luke it is less long because Matthew needs to explain more.

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Commonalities and detours

Go to the link below and it will take you to a table showing the Detours and Commonalities of this scripture.

The main idea in both matthew and luke is jesus was baptised by john the baptised and the holy spirit came down and thanked him for baptising jesus

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Religious truths: Jesus was baptised by john john was thanked by god and the holy spirit God was very pleased that jesus was baptised Jesus was baptised when he was a man

  • Jesus was Baptised by john.
  • john was thanked by god and the holy spirit.
  • God was very pleased that Jesus was Baptised.
  • Jesus was Baptised when he was a man.
  • Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptised.
  • Both Gospel writers reference to the holy trinity.

Historical facts:

  • People back then were baptised in rivers
  • people traveled far and wide to be baptised

The baseline: Matthew and Luke both refer that john baptised Jesus and god was pleased so the heavens opened, the holy spirit came down and a voice from heaven said "This is my beloved son I am well pleased"