Georgia Lorraine Vinnell 9th of April 2004


Mum: Lorraine Sandra Vinnell
Dad: Andre Kerry Vinnell
Siblings: Brother: Nathan Andre Vinnell
Sister: Jessica Lorraine Vinnell
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THis is a picture of my Family

Most amazing acheivement

Georgia Vinnell got 1st place for her Estedfod in 2015. It was a acrobatics/lyrical trio with Jade and Amber. In 2014 she did a group jazz estedfod and got very highly commended and that was also her first estedfod.

The journey

Georgia Vinnell has danced for 8 years and is still dancing now at Dynamite Studios Australia. She use to dance at Leanne Spence Dance World Academy but left in 2012. At dynamite she had help from many different dance couches. She has improved ever since she left and has loves it each day. When we went to the Estedfod Miss Keya choreographed a trio for georgia and her two friends Jade and Amber. They worked very hard on their trio for 4 months and got 1st at their estedfod on the 11th of April 2015. Then Miss Tezz choreographed her jazz group dance and got runners up.


Georgia Vinnell has gone to school only at Jubilee Primary School. She started in prep at Jubilee in 2009 and is now in Grade six 2015 and will be going to Helensvale State High school for High school
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Home and Parents

Georgia Vinnell lives in Pacific Pines, Queensland, Australia. Previously she lived in Helensvale then Coomera and now in Pacific Pines.

Parents: Georgia Vinnell's mum is from England and her Dad is New Zealand.

Most Interesting Story

Georgia has been to Thailand before which was her first holiday over seas. She went to Pattaya. She went with her family and had so much fun. While she was there she she went to the markets a lot and bought she's and pants she stayed in a hotel called Tara Court and loved it very much. there was a restaurant in the lobby and thats where she had her breakfast lunch and dinner and it was some of the best food she has had. She learnt that if you make fun or say that you don't like the King or Queen then you get put in jail for 2 years. While she was in Thailand she went to Tiger Zoo, Go Karting, fed and ride Elephant. She also went to a Crocodile show, Tiger show and a Elephant show. On the way back from Thailand my brothers case got put on the plane and we got it back 2 months later.

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