Barclay Bulletin

September 8, 2021

Open House This Thursday

We have shifted our Parent Information Night into a more traditional Open House format. There will not be formal presentations by classroom teachers, but there will be opportunities to visit classrooms, meet the staff and discover exciting locations around the building. This may be the first opportunity you've had to visit the building since COVID began in March 2020. While students are welcome to attend the Open House, we ask that you please try to limit the number of visitors in your party on Thursday. Visitors should only attend if they are able to answer no to all of the health screening questions in Qualtrex. Masks must also be worn by all visitors while inside of the building.

We will also have a presentation beginning at 6:00 in the cafeteria for parents interested in meeting our reading teachers. I will also be providing an overview about what I envision the AIS services looking like during the 21-22 school year. With the return to five day a week in person instruction we must determine how we will provide supports during the school day and through our Sunrise Scholars program. Things will not be typical this school year and we want to target our supports to meet the needs of every student as we move forward.

Dismissal Procedures

Buses will most likely continue to run behind schedule this week. We hope to get a little faster each day school is in session. If you are picking students up from school, please make sure you:

  • Notify the office that you are picking a student up at the end of the day
  • Have access to your Pick-Up Pal

The transportation department does not notify us if you no longer need the bus. It makes our traffic flow smooth if we just need to check you in with a number and not have to enter your information into our ipads in the parking lot. We use a live system that allows us to add students in real time, but not being on our pick up list will slow students from getting to the cafeteria on time. Please make sure that you let your student know if you're sending a note in with them so they give it to the classroom teacher. You can also email the office at