Fifth Grade News


Business as Usual

It was wonderful to see the sun yesterday. The birds were livelier, the neighbors were happier, and the grass finally got mowed. It was just enough sun to help us wade through the rainy days this upcoming week.

Students put on a wonderful performance last Thursday at the Strings Concert. The hit, according to teachers and students, was "Spanish Dancer," wherein the musicians switched seamlessly from bow to plucking, adding a rich texture to layer the piece. Hats off to Mrs. Korpec and the performers, who managed to scrunch in the necessary tunings, practices, and discussions, as well as the rearrangement of 29 desks, in the short timeframe between recess and second block.

Third quarter's honor roll and student recognition ceremony was held on Friday. We smiled when practically the entire 5th grade shouted, "absent," after each time Mr. Dalton called on a student who was not there to receive his/her award. It reminded us of the community we've established across the grade level. We're proud of our 5th graders' achievements and conduct. Thank you to all who were able to attend.

Please continue to send in your Spring Basket donations. The festival is just around the corner and we need your help. As a reminder: Mrs. Weimer's basket is for gardening, Mr. Lowry's for Safety, and Mr. Chancler's for a picnic/BBQ.

SOLs begin this week. Reading Part 1 takes place on Thursday; Part two is on Friday. Plenty of sleep and a hearty breakfast are highly recommended.

The week has gotten off to a good start so far. Students are hard at work and full of energy--and that, folks, is what 5th Grade is all about.

Dates to Remember

05/12 Reading Part 1

05/13 Reading Part 2

05/18 Math Part 1/Fosters Spirit Night

05/19 Math Part 2

05/24 Science SOL

05/27 Interims Sent Home