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Weekly Updates from Miss DeWitt's Class

November 13, 2015

With concert rehearsals, a concert, and a Veteran's Day program, we had limited class time this week.


We focused this week on the standard algorithm for multiplying up to 3-digit by 1-digit numbers. We also reviewed steps to solving multi-step word problems that may have extra information that's trying to trick you.


We discussed how our muscles move this week. The kids learned about reflexes and how our brain sends signals to our muscles to move to protect our bodies from harm. The kids had a lab this week where we looked closely at some of those reflexes that we control, and others that our body does automatically.

Language Arts from Mrs. Edwards

Reading: Even though the week was full of Veteran's Day, and music rehearsals, we still got a full week of reading and writing in. This week we reviewed our main concepts to get ready for the post-test in for our reading unit on characters. We started reviewing what the theme to a story is, and how to find the life lesson the author may be trying to communicate to the readers. We moved on to answering the question, “Why might the author included this part?” The students did a great job at thinking of certain events and the importance they played in completely the story.

This week the Book Club groups were switched around a little and started their new book club. With our new unit of non-fiction, the students will get a little break with their Book Club book, and enjoy a little fantasy fiction reading. Please continue to help the students remember their club meets every Thursday, and their questions should be done Wednesday night, not right before the group meets.

Writing: This week we reflected on our realistic fiction piece by reading our pre-write, done before any lessons. The students noticed that some of them wrote fantasy fiction pieces, others skipped any dialogue, and continued to leave the reader in the dark by skipping the setting. As other students were finishing their editing, the rest of the students were publishing their illustration for their realistic fiction story. The challenge was to create a cover page, if their story was made in to a chapter book. Next week we will be taking our Pre-Write for our next unit.

Veteran's Day Program and Concert

The Veteran's Day program was a huge success. Thank you to Captain Garbelman, Sophia's dad, for coming into our class. The kids had so many excellent questions for him, and he answered them very well. The kids loved hearing his stories about his career in the military. We talked with the class about the history of Veteran's Day and shared stories of family members that served that were not able to join us for our celebration. It was so interesting to see all of the veterans from different branches, with such a variety of jobs they held within the branches. The Asa Clark Middle School choir did a great job at singing the National Anthem, and one of our music teachers, Mr. Muehlbauer, played TAPS phenomenally.

Our 4th grade concert was so fun! The kids, as well as Ms. Barootian, worked so incredibly hard to put on a good show for everyone. Thank you parents for coming and supporting your children. They really put a lot of effort into rehearsals this week, and it really paid off!


Monday, Nov. 16th, 12am to Thursday, Nov. 19th, 12am

Miss DeWitt's Classroom

Please make sure you arrive on time, as we have a packed schedule that week!

Book Fair--Purchasing

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 10am


The kids will be able to look at books on Monday this week, and come home with a wish list of items they would like to purchase.