The Red Wolf

Canis Lupus Rufus By: Licar2

What are Red Wolves?

The Red Wolf is a shy wolf that has a cinamon colored pelt that range from cinnamon red, to grey and black with a white belly. They weigh about 45-80 pounds and is about 26 inches from foot to shoulder. Red wolves communicate by body movements and howling. They also used to roam wildly in the east coast. However, due to habitat lost, hunting, and animal control. Now the red wolf is endangered and we have about 50-400 left. (ERW, RWRP, INLD, CAB, (3B))

Red Wolves have Fun too!

U.S Fish & Wildlife Service

U.S Fish & Wildlife Service is Taking Action

This service was the first to capture and reintroduce the Red Wolves. Starting with the last 14 Wolves, in 1980, they kept them in captive breeding facilities and gradually reintroduced them back into the wild. Then, in 1987, they released the first red wolfs into the wild in North Carolina where the Alligator Wildlife Refuge took place. Then the second release in the Smoky Mountains, Tennese.
They are still trying to reintroduce these wolves to the wild and their goal is to have 550 red wolves into the wild. (ERW, USFWS, (WM))

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