General Omar Bradley

February 12 1893- April 8, 1981


Omar Bradley was born on February 12, 1893 in Clark, Missouri. As a child Omar lived in poverty, in order to get money to help his family he would often go hunting. Sooner or later he is accepted into West Point, commanding many important battles. He was married to Mary E. Bradley and had two children. Until 1953 he retired and worked as a business executive until his death on April 8th, 1981 due to heart failure.

Significance of Bradley

Omar fought for the U.S., he fought in the North African and Sicily campaigns. Bradley led the Invasion of Normandy and also the 12th Army Group which helped the Allies win victory of Europe.

Facts about Omar

Omar Bradley was an only child. His parents did not make much money. Bradley was an intelligent guy, when he was a child he was able to skip a grade because he learned and understood quickly much of what he was taught.