Knights Watch

December 7 - 11

All In, Mt. Gallant!

How We Win:

  • Building and sustaining relationships with students, parents, and colleagues
  • Improving our core instruction in the areas of Guided Reading, Lucy Calkins' writing, and Number Talks.
  • Personalizing the MGES experience and learning for each child
Happy Holidays

Security Reminder

Do not let anyone in the side doors at any time of the day. All visitors should report to the office first. This includes familiar faces who are not MGES staff members and district employees whose badge will not open the door.

Please remind students not to open the doors for any adult.

Recess Schedule

Multiple grade levels should never be at recess at the same time due to the excessive number of kids. The recess schedule was created with that in mind. If your grade level is going at a different time on a particular day, please call the office and let Joanne or Sandra know.

Email Address/Phone Change Form

I sent you an email from Mychal Frost about email address and phone changes. If your information was incorrect, you must complete the Universal Name/Address Change Form. You can pick up a form from Sandra. Return the completed form to Sandra and she will submit to the DO on Friday.

Monday, January 4th

The following schedule will be used for Monday, January 4th. This time will be spent planning to teach the first lesson of Calkins.

  • 8:00 - 8:40 - 5th Grade
  • 8:45 - 9:30 - 1st Grade
  • 9:35 - 10:15 - 3rd Grade
  • 10:20 - 11:00 - 4th Grade
  • 1:00 - 1:40 - Kindergarten
  • 1:45 - 2:30 - 2nd Grade

The remainder of the day is for your PLC time.


This year, we will be administering SCPASS online. Testing will take place over a 3-week window and completed in the computer lab. Fourth and fifth graders will take the science and social studies tests.

AP's were asked to share with teachers (use Chrome). You can go ahead and explore the site, but I suggest waiting until closer to testing dates to expose to students. The purpose is to allow students to become more familiar with the online testing format and to practice using the online tools.

What standards will be assessed?


Grades are due December 18th by 5:00. If you complete your grades before then please email Ms. Leonard so she can begin checking grades and have you sign off on the verification form.

January 8 - Community Open House

On Friday, January 8, the board, district cabinet, and community members will visit our classrooms beginning at 8:30am. This is a chance for us to show off a bit for those outside of our school so please be mindful of your displays of student work inside and outside of the classroom. Prepare yourself to have visitors observing and talking with your students that day.

Prep for January 13 Number Talk PD

Each teacher will prepare a Number Talk to teach to their grade level during our team meeting on January 13. Michael, Kristen, and your team will be able to ask questions and give constructive feedback. Thanks, in advance, for being prepared! We are very excited for this micro-teaching opportunity!

Possible Retention

If you have a student in your classroom that you are considering retaining, you need to schedule a PST meeting now. Any student not involved in PST prior to February 1 will not be considered for retention.

Reading Coach's Update

Let’s celebrate another great week of work with Calkins! Although each grade level may be at a different point in their norming conversations, we are all making great progress toward the overall goal of having common language and an aligned view of how to look at student work.

We will continue our work with norming and data collection this Thursday, before jumping into lesson planning in January. Feel free to begin examining the first few lessons of your unit, so you will be familiar with them. Please bring your Pathways book, along with a copy of your rubric and On Demand pieces on Thursday.

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Reminder: Noble Knights in grades 4 & 5 will be celebrated with a special breakfast this Friday beginning at 7:40. Noble Knights in primary grades will be celebrated with a Reindeer Read Aloud at 1:00 on Friday. Way to go, Noble Knights!

Be brave, take a risk, and try something new in your classroom this week!

This Week:


      • Moree @ Winthrop, 11:30am


        • Media Center Closed 8 - 9am: Coffee at the Castle (parents of kindergarten students)
        • 2:45 -Holiday Party


        • 3 - 5 Knights Doing It Right at 2pm


        • PST (See MGES Calendar)
        • Team Meetings with Lisa in Conference Room - Calkins Norming and SLO Data Collection
        • Heather Rollings here all day
        • 1st Grade 4H; Chick-fil-a Spirit DAY!


        • Recycling boxes out by 7:45AM
        • PLC Minutes to Canvas
        • Dutchman Creek Band Performance - 5th Grade during Special Area and lunch
        • Knights of the Round Table and Gallant Girls lunch meeting at 11:30am - Media Center

        Coming Up:


        14 - Holiday Breakfast
        15 - PTA Lunch and Desserts
        15 - PM: Nuclear Energy Emergency Training

        18 - Grades due by 5pm

        18 - Holiday Sing-a-Long with Fourth Grade in Cafeteria:

        -----8:15-8:45 - First, Second
        -----9:00-9:45- Kindergarten, Third, and Fifth


        4 - Workday

        6 - Team Meetings with Lisa - Calkins

        8 - Community Board Visit - 8:30AM

        13 - Team Meetings - Number Talks

        14 - SIC at 5:15; PTA at 6:00pm

        20 - Team Meetings with Lisa - Calkins

        30 - Back the Pack Winthrop Basketball Games - Women's at 1pm; Men's at 4pm