By Kealey Bleser 2nd hour

" Eat. Sleep. Pharmacy. Repeat. "

Basic Information About Pharmisicts

  • Order, prepare, and dispense prescription drugs
  • Know how drugs function and the adverse side effects
  • Maintain on-going inventories of drugs
  • Often work in drug stores, hospitals, and grocery stores
  • Work with patients and medical staff
  • Often wear gloves, masks, or other safety gear
  • May work evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Training usually lasts six years after high school
  • Need a license
  • Earn $82,520 per year (national average)


  • Get to work with people and make new friends
  • Clean environments
  • They are in high demand
  • Like working in neighborhood drugstores to get to know local family's


  • Have to work long nights and weekends which can cut in to personal time
  • Have to work holidays which means you can't spend time with family
  • Following government rules, regulations, and processing insurance claims are time consuming
  • Work around 40 hours a week
  • Trains takes about six years after high school

What do you need to succeed as a pharmacist?

To succeed as a pharmacist a huge part is people skills. Pharmisicts need to be able to communicate with there customers/patients. If a pharmacist has terrible people skills they would not enjoy there job, because most if the job is working with other people. You also need to be able to prescribe precipitation drugs, and know the side effects. You need to know the side effects so you can tell them to the patient; If you aren't aware of the side effects it can cause problems.

Helpful high school courses

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Foreign Language (minimum of two years)
  • Statistics and Probability.

Why do these courses help? Well, statistics and probability help because when you are prescribing medicine it helps determine the probability that the side effects will effect you. Foreign language can help when you have a patient/client that doesn't speak English, and knowing another language can help you communicate. Chemistry can help when you are looking at what makes up this drug you can understand what it is made of. Anatomy and physiology is how the body works, and that helps because you need to know how the body will work when the drugs are inside that patient.

College Education

You must complete at least two years of college work in math and science before entering pharmacy school. Many students go to pharmacy school after three years of college work. Others enter pharmacy school after they complete their bachelor's degree. Students graduate from pharmacy school after four years of study with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. After they do this the must take an exam, so if you pass this exam you get a liscense they you become a pharmacist.

Colleges you can attend

University of Michigan

500 S State St, Ann Arbour, Michigan, 48109


  • D1 school
  • Amazing athletics
  • Has a professional pharmacy school


  • Higher tuition then any other school
  • Huge enrollment number
  • Big campus

University of Illinois at Chicago

912 S Wood St, Chicago, IL 60612


  • In there fourth year students usually work in a pharmacy setting treating patients
  • They have a professional pharmacy school
  • Has a big total enrollment


  • Out of state tuition is $12,000 more than in state
  • In a very populated city
  • Don't have a good sports program

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Madison, WI 53706


  • Big campus
  • Huge enrollment numbers
  • Good athletics


  • Big tuition
  • Populated city
  • Urban city


Job Advertisement

Are you interested in working in clean environments using a lot of people skills? Being a Pharmacist is the right job for you. Pharmacists work about 40 hours a week in places like pharmacys, hospitals, and even grocery stores. They need to know order, prepare, and dispense prescription drugs which is why it involves a lot of people skills. You also need to know how the drugs function in your body and the side effects, so you also need to know how to prescribe a drug so it doesn't make any complications with the customers other prescriptions. Pharmacists, nationally can earn up to $146,000. Don't worry because once you graduate from pharmacy school you should be able to find a job in no time because they will be in high demand. In order us to hire you for the job you must have a license. Don't be afraid call now at 1-800-555-5555