Water & Sugar Experiment

Solutions, solvents, and solutes


Our experiment is about finding at what temperature sugar dissolves the quickest. We set out to answer the questions, why does sugar dissolve quicker in hot water? Does the sugar still even dissolve in iced water? And lastly, will there be any noticeable difference in the water?

Experimental Design

Constants: Amount of water, amount of sugar, stirring speed.

Hypothesis: The sugar will dissolve quicker in hot water and not hardly at all in cold water.


  • Dependent- sugar
  • independent - water temp


  • Cup
  • Gloves
  • water
  • goggles
  • sugar
  • hot plate

Procedures: Take three heat resistant glasses and pour 100ml of water into each. Leave one glass untouched in room temperature, put a handful of ice in the other and the last glass for about 5 mins at a medium temperature (until it reached a max heat of 108 f). Pour 10g of sugar in each glass and stir steadily. Make sure to time how long it takes the sugar to dissolve in each glass.

Data table

room temp hot water iced water

How long did it take to | 2 mins | 1 min 10 sec | 2 min 30 sec |

dissolve ?

Temperature of water | 73f | 108f | 40f |

Amount of water | 100 ml | 100 ml | 100 ml |

amount of sugar | 10g | 10g | 10 g |


In conclusion, our experiment was undeniably successful. This experiment had some interesting results and turns out our hypothesis was correct, The hot water dissolved the sugar the quickest while the iced water dissolved the sugar at a much slower rate. The reason the sugar dissolves quicker in hot water is because the added energy of the heated water causes the molecules to move quicker and thus colliding into each other.