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October 2019

2nd Annual Parent Academy

Frontier Schools hosted their 2nd Annual Parent Academy on Saturday, September 28th at Frontier School of Innovation Middle School.

The Parent Academy is a FREE, district-wide initiative that strives to directly engage parents in their children’s education by providing the support needed to help their students be successful.

The Parent Academy consisted of a series of educational and inspirational sessions covering a wide variety of topics; including: Dialogue with the Consulate of Mexico, How to Help Your Child with Math Homework, Helping Your Child Make Healthy Relationship Choices, STEM High School Activities (Solar Car, Rocketry, 3D Printing), Suicide Prevention, What is a Charter School?, NWEA, ELL Program & Testing, Understanding Your Child’s ELL Score Report, Drugs & Alcohol, Parent Portal, Credit Reports & Scores, Frontier Schools College Counseling Program Overview, and Understanding the Socio-Emotional Needs of Your Child.

Those who attended received a complimentary breakfast and a Parent Academy t-shirt!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible and thank you to everyone that attended!

Check out the media coverage from Univision Kansas City and Telemundo in the videos below:

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Media Coverage

Univision Kansas City

Frontier Schools' 2nd Annual Parent Academy


Telemundo Covers Frontier Schools' 2nd Annual Parent Academy

Thank You State Representatives!

State Representative Ingrid Burnett Visits FSHS

Thank you, State Representative Ingrid Burnett for visiting Frontier STEM High School on Tuesday, September 17th.
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State Representative Ashley Bland Manlove Visits FSE

Thank you, State Representative Ashley Bland Manlove for visiting Frontier School of Excellence on Wednesday, September 18th.
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Professional Development

On Friday, September 13th, Frontier Schools staff and administrators participated in Professional Development training to expand continuous student learning alongside teacher growth. Professional Development provides teachers and administrators an opportunity to foster new skills and techniques that they can apply in the classroom.
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Campus Events

Playground Party at FSI Elementary

On Friday, September 6th, FSI Elementary hosted a playground party for all students who received Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) points! Students enjoyed a refreshing Fla-Vor-Ice while enjoying their time together on the playground!
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Tiger Store

Every Friday, FSI Elementary celebrates students who maintain good behavior throughout the week. Students use their PBIS tickets at the school's Tiger Store. The Tiger Store is a mini store where students can exchange their PBIS tickets for fun toys and trinkets as a reward for positive behavior.
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Paws for Reading

Paws for Reading has returned for First Fridays at FSI Elementary with Emma and Nala! New students received first-hand training on how to interact with their furry friends before reading with them. Paws for Reading continues to bring excitement and joy to students, allowing them the opportunity to practice reading aloud. This creates a safe and inviting space for students to feel comfortable and at ease while improving their reading skills. Emma and Nala enjoy the company and all the new interesting stories!
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Back to School Night at FSI Elementary

On Wednesday, September 18th and Thursday, September 19th, FSI Elementary held their Back to School Night for families. September 18th was dedicated to PK-1st grade, followed by 2nd-3rd grade on September 19th – this was a great opportunity for parents and/or guardians to obtain valuable information pertaining to their child's education.

Book Fair at FSI Elementary

During the week of September 23rd-27th, FSI Elementary hosted their semi-annual Book Fair in the school’s library. Each classroom scheduled times for students to visit and browse the selection of new books, games, school supplies, and much more!
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Family Night at FSI Elementarty

On Tuesday, September 24th, FSI Elementary hosted their first Family Night of the year! Each quarter, elementary families and students are invited to participate in educational fun and games with teachers and staff. Families get the chance to earn a free book from the Kansas City Public Library by completing rotational activities in various classrooms.
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It's a Lamb Dunk!

On Friday, September 20th, Mrs. Lamb, Principal of FSI Elementary was in good spirits while participating in a water dunk activity to celebrate all students completing their compliment boards!
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KC Civic Orchestra Teaches Students About Music

On Wednesday, September 25th, members from the Kansas City Civic Orchestra returned for another visit to FSI Elementary and performed some of our favorite children’s music for students.
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Hispanic Potluck

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated September 15th thru October 15th – recognizing and celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

At FSI Elementary, students recognized Hispanic Heritage Month by hanging colorful and informational posters in their building and with a campus wide potluck! Students and staff brought in festive and delicious dishes for everyone to try!

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NHS Induction Ceremony at FSHS

On Monday, September 30th, Frontier STEM High School hosted an induction ceremony for new members of the National Honor Society. This event took place after school for family and friends to attend and show their support. Students who were interested in joining NHS had to apply with the submission of two recommendation letters from staff members. Students were chosen based on their grades, school service, leadership, and personal character.

Congratulations to our newest 2019-20 National Honor Society members!

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Parent Night at FSHS

On Thursday, September 26th, Frontier STEM High School hosted a Parent Night for 11th graders and their families. This was a great opportunity for students and their families to receive more information on applying for scholarships and financial aid to better prepare for their future education.
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FSHS Fall Bi-Annual Blood Drive

On Wednesday, September 25th, Frontier STEM High School hosted their 4th Bi-Annual Fall Blood Drive –partnering with the American Red Cross. The blood drive took place in the school's gymnasium and was open to students, staff, family, friends, and community members. The blood drive collected 27 units of blood from 40 donors– potentially saving 81 lives! Thank you to everyone who came out and donated!

We hope to see you again at our Spring Blood Drive! Stay tuned!

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Pastries with Parents at FSE

On Friday, September 20th, Frontier School of Excellence hosted Pastries With Parents, a Back to School Parent Breakfast. Parents enjoyed breakfast items while interacting with administrators and staff. Parents also received in-depth information about student testing and upcoming school events.
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Home Visits

Home visits are off to a great start for the 2019-20 school year at Frontier Schools.

With our diverse student body, home visits are paramount in bridging cultural gaps that might exist. These visits also provide opportunities for staff to understand their students better by visiting them in their home environments. The goal is to foster a true partnership – with both students and their families.

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FSE Alumni Reunion Dinner on October 11th!

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FSHS Class of 2019 Social on October 11th!

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6th Annual Multicultural Festival on December 13th!

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Frontier Campus Contact

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FSHS State of Art Innovation Lab

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Frontier Schools’ is planning to build a modern, state-of-the-art Innovation Lab attached to the Frontier STEM High School.

This project-based approach is an essential part of immersive STEM education; it makes the experience real for the students. They will be able to conceive a project, be it a product or prototype, and follow the production process from conception to physical reality. Students will understand the technology that powers their creations; both the hardware and the software. The goal is to build a strong, authentic knowledge-based theory to applied skills in STEM education, ensuring Frontier’s high school graduates will be prepared to enter collegiate level science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs with the skills to succeed on day one.

You can help now by giving to our campaign! To donate, click here!

Note: All donations are tax-deductible and a donation receipt will be provided.