Living Things

Science Integration

In Reading, each classroom read books about living things. The non-fiction text, Flowers, taught us about different kinds of flowers, the flower life cycle, and the parts of a flower. Students made a diagram of the parts of a flower and compared and contrasted different types of flowers. Farfalina and Marcel is an animal fantasy story about a caterpillar and gosling growing and changing into a butterfly and goose. We focused on being able to retell a story in sequence. We also used this story to help launch our classroom caterpillar observations.

Classroom Caterpillars

For our unit on Living Things, each classroom got 5 caterpillars to observe. Students practiced being entomologists and learned about insect metamorphosis. They wrote about their observations of each stage of the life cycle in their Butterfly Journals. After the caterpillars turned into butterflies, we released them outside so they could grow in their natural habitat.

Keswick Theater Field Trip

Aesop's Fables

Students enjoyed seeing "Aesop's Fables the Musical" at the Keswick Theater. Each reading class read The Lion and the Mouse and learned that fables are short stories that teach us important lessons. The musical showcased other Aesop's Fables such as The Tortise and the Hare, The Wind and the Sun, The Fox and the Grapes, The Fox and the Well, The Stag and the Pool, and The Cat and her Tail. When we returned from the field trip, we discussed the moral of each fable and examples of how we can use the lessons in our lives.



Students are beginning a unit on addition. The focus of our unit will not be to memorize addition facts. Students will be introduced to decomposing numbers, focusing on story problem vocabulary, and modeling an addition equation using counters, drawings, a number line, or the hundreds chart. Please encourage your child to use vocabulary such as "join" and "in all" when explaining addition problems at home.

May Calendars

  • Friday, May 6th - Dress Down Day
  • Thursday, May 19th - Kindergarten Spring Concert 2:00 p.m.
  • Monday, May 30th - No School, Memorial Day