Water Supply between two Countries

How is the availability of water different in other nations

How is the availbility of water different in other countries ?

The number of freshwater that Countries hove access to without exceeding the rate at which it is renewed,can be estimated taking into account the amount of precipitation, water flow come and leave the country,and water shared with other countries. The average amount available per person varies from 50 m3 per year which equals to13,208.6 US liquad gallons in parts of the Middle East to over 100,000 m3 which is equal to 26,417,205 US liquad gallons per year in moist & sparsely populated areas .

Dominican Republic

Water Drying Up

The Dominican Republic has many water shortages. This is because water dries up very quickly there in their area .

Improving Water In Dominican Republic

The Dominiincan Republic will improve water usage for 329,000 inhabitants in the urban area of Santigo de los Cabellero with a $ 25 million loan from the Inter-American Develoment Bank ( IDB ) . This project is expected to enable water service for at least twelve uninterrupted hours per day for 211,000 people . This project is expected to reduce both losses of water delivered to the system & energy cost .

Canada's Water Supply

Canada's Water

Canada has one of the highest per capita ( the average amount of water each person uses daily ) in the world. Canada uses the great lakes as one of their water sourses. Canada's goverment approches cleaning water very strong to ensure clean water for Canada.

Good Water

In Canada they are furtunate .They have extensive supplies of water. The World Wide Fund for Nature ( WWF) goal is to see all of Canada's water sources in good condition by 2025.They have started by testing how fresh there waters are .Yet under the pressures of human development, many of these waters are losing their unspoiled quality.

Water Flow

Canada is surrounded on 3 sides by the Pacific,Artic, and Atlantic Ocean 243,000 km of shorline. Most of Canada Surface freashwater drift nortward - 39% of th total area of the country drains ito Hudson Bay and a further 36% empties into the Artic Ocean. Yearly, Canada's rivers discharege 7 % of the world renewable water supply. Almost 9 percent or 891,163 square Kilometers, of Canada's total areas is covered by freash water.

Fun Facts About Canada

  • Canada is one of the top 5 countries with the most freshwater.
  • Canada's longest inland waterway stretches 3 700 kilometres from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to Lake Superior.
  • Canada has 563 lakes having an area greater than 100 square kilometres