Roman Empire

By:Paul Johnson


Today I'm going to show you the years of the Roman Empire.First I'll show you what it like when kings and emperors ruled Rome. Next it's a whole nation going on strike so be ready for the Romans on strike. Finally, get ready for some history because it's the Imperal history of Rome.

Kings of early Rome

When kings ruled they used myths of gods and goddess like Thor for their natural history. Numa was like other rulers but besides his orders for them he was wise/pious

ruler. Tullus was outside when lighting struck and killed him. Ancus built Rome's seaport. Romulus killed his twin brother Remus and named Rome after himself.


Romans threatened to make a new city. Rome got it's first law by 451-50 B.C. Plebeians

acheived gain in Rome. Rome agreed to cancel all debts and release people in PRISON.

Greeks admired the Roman Rebublic.The Roman Empire developed three-part goverment.


Tiberius was a capable but unpopular ruler. Nero was the LAST ruler in line for the throne. Nero's death caused struggles for the throne. Hadrian built part of the wall that stretches across Britain and still stands today.Domitian was followed by the so-called

Five-Good Emperors.


In my research I learned many things. I learned that they used myths as historical documents. Rome had no laws till 451-50 B.C. that Rome had a place to build a seaport. Romians threatend to make a new city. And that Domitian was followed by the so-called

Five-Good Emperors.


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