Hungry for Knowledge

Week 14 Updates

This Week

I am excited to share that we had a new student start this week - welcome to our class, Avery!

Throughout the month of December, we are learning all about various foods and drinks. During circle time we read books about popcorn, watermelon, and hot dogs. We fed different foods to Ned the Head, matched bananas, apples, tomatoes, milk, etc., fed coins to tennis ball monsters, and flipped latkes on our frying pans. We also began to celebrate holidays by making Jewish stars with tissue paper and popsicle sticks, gluing together Kwanzaa quilts, and sequencing numbers to make a Christmas tree. In addition, we made shapes and letters with geoboards, created art by spinning markers attached to CDs, put together trees with straws of different lengths, and compared groups of objects as having more or less.

We practiced asking and answering social questions with our friends from Room 4. We also built a castle together by taking turns with blocks, learned how to play Go Fish, matched emotions, and played stop/go with potato sacks. We loved hanging out in the ice cream parlor dramatic play and decorating sundaes with oreos and sprinkles. During speech in the classroom, we fed Pete the Cat and put foods in different areas of the magnetic grocery store. During P.E., we rolled balls to knock down a bowling pin in the middle of the circle, threw bean bags to make tic-tac-toe, and played musical chairs. A highlight was "leaping the brook" in which the kids took turns running and leaping over a foot wide "brook" in the middle of the classroom!

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Next Week

We'll be continuing with our December themes of food and holidays! Happy weekend!