Keystone Testing Information

...for students in Keystone classes last year ONLY

Opt In/Opt Out deadline EXTENDED

Immediately before the recent Christmas break, letters were mailed to the parents/guardians of students who are eligible to take the Keystone exams for the Keystone courses they were in last year (English 10, Biology, Algebra I, Algebra IB). With a change in testing regulations, testing for these students is completely optional and all students at CKHS are considered "Proficient." Regardless, we are offering the test, and need to know if you want your child(ren) to participate in the tests for English 10, Biology, Algebra I, or Algebra IB FROM LAST YEAR. A link to a survey was included in the letter but a problem occurred with the survey. We have extended the deadline and ask that, if you received the letter and/or your child(ren) was/were in one or more of the courses last year, you log onto the link below to record your answers. A copy of the letter that was sent home is also linked below. If you have any questions, please call Mr. Puskar at the HS.