Literal features

Definition- preconceived opinion

Feeling-judge by appearance or rumor .

Association-Prejudgement, discrimination

Literal meaning

This word is the echo of discrimination. But, can be used in universal aspects such as race, gender, religion, and age. The word mostly describes the personal effect something has on someone.

TKAM comparison

Compared to the book, the town is prejudice towards Boo Radley because of the passed down rumors and tales of the elders. In doings of this, the children develop a type of denial towards him.

Society comparisons

In society, the term is manipulated in many ways, for example, ageism is the acts of having prejudice ways against elderly people, primarily because of their slow cognitive issues.

Visual representation

This picture specifically describes how a female's entire school is against her because of her religion/race. Telling from the picture, the girl is clearly different from the people around her . Her peers see her as the "oddball" of the group and, will keep all contact away from her.