By: S.L. Rottman

What is Hero?

Heroes are hard to find in this day of age, especially for Sean, an angry and confused 15 year old who has always had it rough. Abandoned by his dad and abused by his mother, Sean has always been a troublesome kid but his most recent "uh-oh" happened to be with the police. Sean got suspended and sentenced to community service on Mr. Hassler's farm. Here Sean learns to face his fears and straighten up his act. Sean falls in love with a baby horse that counsels him but not with words. In the end Sean learns there are a few heroes in the world.

Pros v.s. Cons


This book had an amazing story line that kept you interested. Also, I liked how the book was real, I mean, this is happening to someone right now. I could really get involved with the character Sean and his thought process. The book was based off real life situations and just very well written.


Honestly there are just very few thing that i didn't like about this book. The only thing that I didn't like was the ending. The ending just ended with so much else left to say. I can understand a little bit of a drop off to let us think, but i think it was a little too much.

For Anybody Else?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this book to anybody. Wonderful life lessons and real life hardships that we all go through. Just one of those books that you have to read and never forget.

-Luke Pinkston