Getting Business Degrees

Struggles and Routes To Business Degrees

Background Of My Interest In Business

  • My Mom and Dad got me into the idea of getting a business degree and going to college in general.
  • Since 6th grade I have wanted to work with number and have my career have to be anything with numbers and selling.
  • I really like selling things and working with people. I have had an interest in business and problem solving skills because my fourth grade teacher told me I have excellent problem solving skills, her statement has not changed since.
  • When i was trying to put my name into different business's I met someone named Joseph. Joseph owns 3 stores in Southern California and is only 22 years old. Joseph told me that just simply putting my name out there and doing work not messing around will make you very successful. Going to College helps but its not the only route.

People I Respect

  • I look up to my grandfather, he has been through a lot in life. I look up to him because he showed me it doesn't matter my background or whats good, it's about what you like and you can do anything if you put your mind to it.
  • Joseph i look up to him because he showed me that going to college helps but it is not the only path.

Some Of The Top Jobs Include


Questions I still Have