Famine killing 23 mil. in Africa

Famine and desertification


Desertification is an environmental issue and it is when the soil has lost its richness and has turned into desert. This causes people to lose crops and can't feed themselves. Also they can't eat animals because they migrate to a place where the soil is fertile. Since people can't eat this causes famine and it kills more than 20 million people in Africa.

Famine / hunger

Famine is when people don't have food and are starving to death. 66 million people , primarily school aged children are attending school hungry across the developing wold with 23 millions in Africa alone. Children are dying every 10 seconds because there families don't have enough money to buy food.

Our plan

Our organization is trying to raise money so we can build food shelters in parts of Africa that need food and are struggling to feed there families. We go to school after school to try to encourage them to hold fund raisers and try to get money for our organization. We also have drive in's where people can donate money or food.
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