Happy Health

''An Affordable Healthy Life.''

Happy Health

We the founders of Happy Health are trying to lower the prices of healthy food in Waco. We think that by doing this all of the low-income families of our community will be able to afford healthier food and live longer healthier lives.

Happy Health
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A Balanced Meal

A balanced meal should include:

1. 33% fruit and veggies 4. 12% protein

2. 33% bread and rice 5. 7% fat and sugar

3. 15% Dairy

Places already set to buy fresh produce:


Eating well is very essential to being healthy. This is why it is so important for people to be able to afford healthy foods that range from veggies and fruit to protein and dairy. Many low-income families can not afford healthy food which will lead to in diabetes and obesity.

These are some of the healthy restaurants and grocery stores in TX. We would like to bring some of these to Waco.

Founders of Happy Health

Bella Burns, Aleah Burns, Clara Burns, Katie Forrest, Clara Forrest, Elise Davis, Toby Barrera, Cole Clark, Payton Crumpler