My Summer Blast

By: Leena

Chemistry in The Magic Kingdom

My summer had to do with Chemistry because I watched fireworks at THe Magic Kingdom. Fireworks is basically chemistry in a fun way!
"Wishes" Fireworks (voted "Best on YouTube")


At The Magic Kingdom I saw the best fireworks I have ever seen. The were all different kinds of colors. Each color had its own compound which effected the color and its shade. They also had a different wavelength which effected the sound. Some fireworks are thrown with less force and some with more force which mean thta some were quieter than others.

About Me

I love to have color in everything, and that is why I love fireworks because it adds color to the black night. I also love fantasy and other things that include imagination and Walt Disney. My favorite thing to do is read a disney book or any other book to do with a princess. I might even watch a show or movie about disney or other princesses.