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Screentime is when your child is inactively participating in an action where they must use a form of 'lit' up screen. .Screen time is a sedentary activity and needs to be done in moderation. Screen size is not the issue either; the reference to screen time can be used with any device such as computer, laptop, phone ,tablet, ipad or interactive games such a Wii and Xbox. Electronic games, Toys, Social Media apps/sites, Educational (exception), Phones/ Mobile, and Devices are the most common categories that technology devices fall under.


The time that your child spends occupied and or fixated on a technology based screen if not managed and monitored with caution and diligence can cause more harm in the long run then you would originally presume.

Here is a list of alarming facts and constructive tips that for parents to know about the negative impact screen time can have on YOUR child.

This video shows the power of technology and just how much children can and are exposed to technology and classifies information to whether we as parents know about it or not. The forever changing world and society is majorly assisted by technology as that is our way of advancing our race to make us better. Screen time can be seen as the best thing and worst thing to happen to our children. This is because people see it as controlling and evil and brainwashing, this is because their child may spend too much time infront of the screen and not doing the right thing on it that could help them. An example of this is constant video playing and social media websites such as 'Facebook and Instagram', whilst others see it as innovative, ground-breaking and educational if they use it for study guides or entertainment and 'communictaion' in a balanced manner as it can be used purposefully to assist their learning in a positive way. In moderation YOU can make the decision to aid your childs learning now to better their future.

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