Open or Limited?

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Hunting should be limited

One of the reasons that we think that hunting should be limited is because we both agree that the populations of the animals needs to be controlled. This is why hunters and fisherman use tags and fishing limits is to keep an idea of the population. Tags keep track of how many animals that were killed and to keep a record of the animal population. Another reason that it should be limited is because almost all animal species have seasons that we can hunt or fish them in. The season is when the animal population is most abundant and when we won't have to worry about killing a pregnant mother or harming the babies.


  • If a species needs to become extinct in a certain area because they are harming the ecosystem, open hunting will work (lion fish in the Florida keys, timber wolves in yellow stone )
  • Abundant supply of animals and food.
  • The animal species won't over populate.
  • If accidentally killing a animal out of season, you won't be in trouble.
  • If in need you could kill an animal for food.


  • Limited hunting is great because we can hunt species and not have to worry about wiping out the population in a certain area.
  • Limited hunting also allows other people to hunt the species.
  • Limited hunting has hunting seasons so that we can let the population reproduce.
  • We can save the species for future generations.
  • The fish and game can keep an estaminet on how many are left in a certain area.
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