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Since you joined LomuFitspiration in November, you have taken part in a series of health and fitness tests. Your health screening tests took place on November 11th and your fitness tests were on January 28th. From these tests I have written a small overview of your lifestyle. This report consists of your results compared to normative data, lifestyle improvements, PAR-Q as well as your strengths and areas for improvement.


PARQ – talk about the results that they had gotten

In you PAR-Q there was not any major issues. You seemed to be in good health and have no injuries or anything as such to worry about. There is no reason to worry about your health in your living style.

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PAR-Q Analysis

The first thing that i am going to talk about in your PAR-Q was your strengths. You had no heart or breathing issues, such as asthma. When i had asked you about your diet that too also seemed very stable. Another strong point was the fact that you were drinking water primarily when you were at home. You said that you had never smoked which is obviously a strong lifestyle choice of yours. Also you eat all 3 meals a day. SOme people often miss breakfast or lunch.

Through your PAR-Q there were a few areas for improvement. You had talked about how much alcohol you drunk a week. You told me that you were drinking 24 units a week roughly. The recommended amount is 21 units so cutting down on your alcohol intake could benefit you a lot. Another improvement which could be made would be time spent being around other smoker. When inhaling second hand smoke, it increases the likely hood of cancer in the lungs. An option to this is when you are in an environment when people are smoking try to walk away while they smoke and come back after they have finished.

Those were the main things that i had noticed on your PAR-Q.

Normative Data

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As shown in the data your BMI result does come across as you being classed as obese. Although this term may sound bad this may not relate or be relevant to you if you have large amounts of muscle. If it were not a result of large amounts of muscle your BMI would be a problem. Although it may be a problem it can be worked on through basic fitness.

Lunch Capacity

For your lung capacity you reached 500ml as your maximum lung capacity. Lung capacity was one of your worst scores throughout the health tests that we performed. Your lung capacity was lower than the average of your age. This is because you may have small lungs. Your lung capacity was not your strongest point within the health-monitoring test. Having bad lung capacity can be bad because it means that it is harder for you to break down lactic acid, resulting in your fitness not being as strong. This can also be improved through basic fitness.

Heart Rate

Your heart rate was 76 bpm, which is on the high side of the average heart rate, which is 60-80 bpm. Your heart rate may normally be lower but when I was doing the test you may have been worrying or stressed out about something. Both of these things can increase your heart rate. If this is not the case, it is nothing to worry about because you are not too far off of the average line and this can be easily worked on and improved here at Lomu Fitspiration.

Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure was probably your strongest aspect of the health tests that we did. Despite you being a teacher and working in a school, which can often be a very stressful job, you had what is said to be the optimal blood pressure for a human to have. So this is not a problem for you to worry about. Now all we need to do is try to maintain this blood pressure that you have.

Normative Data

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12 Cooper run

For the 12-minute cooper run you scored 1890m. This was one of the best tests which you took part in. You scored just under the average mark (10m off) the average is 1900m. This means that your cardio vascular fitness is in the range of average so there is nothing to worry in this area.

Sit and reach test

For the sit and reach test you scored -40. -40 is classed as in the poor section. Flexibility can be improved very easily through basic stretching Also taking up classes such as yoga can help you improve you flexibility. This is an area, which you can improve.

10 rep max test

For the 10-rep ma test you scored 56kg. This is below average. The normative data here though is for someone who is said to already be lifting weights. You said you do not lift weights so it is understandable why you would not score higher. This is an area that can be easily improved. Simply lifting weights helps with your muscular strength. Also investing in a TRX set will help you with your muscular strength. What TRX does is use your own body weight as resistance to train your strength.

Sergeant jump test

You scored 0.33m. For this test you scored just below average. The average mark for a male is 0.4m. We tested the power in your legs for this test. This can be improved through basic strength training in your legs. Some example of power training in your legs is doing squats, lunges or burpies.

30m-sprint test

30m-sprint test, tested your speed. Your best time you got in this was 5.3 seconds. The average for this test and males is 4.4 seconds. This is an area, which you can improve on. In order to get faster you need to work in your flexibility and power. Your power is needed to drive you forward and you flexibility so you can stride your legs further forward.

Sit-up test

For the sit up test you scored 22 sit ups. In this test you scored in the below average mark. The average for your age is 27 sit ups. This test tested your muscular endurance. A way you can improve your muscular endurance in your abdominals is by simply doing sit ups and planks to build more muscle in your core.

Press-up test

In the press up test you scored 30. For someone in your age this is on the high end of average. This shows that you have good muscular endurance in your arms. A good way to work on your muscular endurance is by lifting weights that are not heavy but lifting them with higher repetitions.

Lifestyle Improvements and Factors That Effect Health

There are 3 main factors that i will be talking about which effect health in your lifestyle choices. They are sleep, smoking and alcohol.


Sleep is a key aspect of living. Our body's need it.

The main reason why we need to sleep is because of rest and recovery. Rest and recovery is key to replenishing our body and getting it ready for the next day. This only happens when people get into the deep sleep stage. The recommended amount of sleep is 8 hours. So try and aim to get this much sleep every night. If you are sleeping less than that our body's do have the capability to adapt.

Here are some main reasons as to why we sleep:

- Rest and recovery

- Feeling fresh the next day

- Keep the heart healthy

- a good from of stress relieving

Effects of having too much sleep can lead to obesity

Not enough sleep leads to:

- Drowsiness

- Headaches

- Lack of concentration

- Some scientists believe that it leads to a shorter life span.

- Lack of sleep puts people around you in danger. For example when driving tired you are more likely to cause an accident.

Here are 3 ways which you can help with your sleep.

The first way is getting Iphone apps. An example of an iphone app which helps with sleeping is "Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock". This app is simply an alarm clock app. It allows for you to choose different sounding alarms. The alarms on the app are very loud and cause people to waken quickly. Research has shown that if we wake up qickly in the morning we are much more likely to be more awake for the day than if you were to wake up more slowly.

Another thing which you could invest in would be a "Sleep Tracker". A Sleep Tracker is a wrist band which you wear during your sleep. What it does, it measure the amount of sleep that you get per night. It goes into detail about the amount of light sleep and deep sleep that you get. This is very good because you can see if you are getting enough deep sleep. You can put this data into a chart to compare and measure the sufficient amount of sleep you are getting.


It is always good to have a solids night sleep. It allows your body to rest and recover and also stops you from putting yourself and other people in danger when you are tired. It is also good because it keeps stress levels down.


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Smoking is a very bad habit to get in to and it is a very good lifestyle choice of your that you do not smoke.

So to start off with smoking here are some reason as to why people start smoking. Well the first one is that people try it out of curiosity. The issue with this, is that it has nicotine in it which is very addictive. This means that once on it, it can be very hard to stop.

The only real positive for smoking is that it can be seen as quite sociable for smokers when meeting other smokers.

Here is a list of the negatives (only to name a few):

- Causes many types of different cancers, all around the body

- Shortness of breath and effects cardio vascular fitness

- Very addictive

- Very hard to quit once you stopped

- tooth decay

- putrid smell

- Tar gets stuck in pipe ways in your lungs causing blockages and makes it harder to breath

If you do ever get into smoking there are some ways out.

Nicotine patches is one way of helping to quit smoking. Nicotine patches help stimulate your urge to have nicotine in your body. These can help resist your urge to smoke. No tar and other chemicals are put in your body so it is much safer.

E-CIG's are another way out of smoking. It is an electronic cigarette which only has tar in it. When using one you still have the sensation of smoking. The nicotine is not in this which helps with making people less addicted.


In conclusion the negatives over weigh the positives about smoking. It is much healthier for you and the people around you not to smoke.


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This lifestyle change is different because alcohol can be both seen as a positive and a negative thing to drink.

People drink alcohol because it is very sociable, many people enjoy the feeling of being "drunk", alcohol can help with stress and also it can be addictive in some cases.

Good points about alcohol:

- It is a relaxant sometimes

- Red wine can help with blood circulation when taken in small doses.

- Sociable

- Can help with your insulin and which helps fight off diabetes. Only small doses of alcohol

There are some issues with alcohol. Alcohol can cause people to do stupid things and put the people surrounding them in their environment in danger. Also people often over drink putting their body's at risk. When drinking too much causes fat to be built up mainly in the belly area. It also has links to mouth and throat cancers.


In conclusion alcohol is actually good in small doses. Making sure you do not over drink because it can put your self and other at risk.


In conclusion as a whole your health is relatively stable and healthy, other than being over weight. Your physicality can be improved across the board. You were scoring average or below average for most tests. None of these needs to be worried about if you take part in LomuFitspirations fitness program. Here at LmuFitspiration we will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Thank you for taking part in the health screening and fitness testing.

Hopefully see you soon!

Thank you

Toby Beattie