Dr. Wise's Classroom Rules

Rules, Consequences, and Rewards


1. Follow directions the first time they are given.

2. Respect your peers and teachers.

3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

4. Raise your hand and wait to be called upon.

Consequences: anytime a student receives a code, it will be recorded in their agenda and in the class behavior book

1 code= 10 minutes off recess or write offs

2 codes= 15 minutes off recess or write offs

3 codes= no recess

4 codes= no recess or free time and parents are notified

5 codes= no recess or free time and parents are notified

6 codes= principal and parents are notified


DT: disrespectful to things, school, or personal property

T: loud, or disruptive talking

R: responsibility for school supplies, books, and agenda

G: gum

OT: off task

H: homework or classwork not completed

DP: disrespectful to others or oneself

*Codes will be recorded in your child's agenda on the day he or she received the code. Students are responsible for getting their agenda signed so parents are aware of the code. Students will receive another code if their agenda is not signed. Agendas should be signed daily by parents.


_____My child can sit out from recess to do work he or she did not finish in the classroom if Dr. Wise thinks he or she needs to finish it at school.

Parent Signature: _______________________________________

Class DoJo

You will receive messages and information through Class DoJO. Please check your child's agenda for notes also.
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DoJo Store:

I am always needing treats for the students to spend their DoJo points on, please send in anything that is peanut free. The students love neat pencils and pens too.